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Clean Sweep Face Wash  $15.99

Silver Fox Face Rescue Cream  $34.99

Our Best Selling Men's Skin Care Product - Hemp Seed Oil + Dozens of Natural ingredients in this Peptide rich formula that Protects, Moisturizes and Fights Wrinkles! 2011 Men's Product of the Year Finalist.

"I have been a surfer all my life, I have been fishing since my earliest memories, and was a commercial fisherman in my teens and twenties working on a tuna boat along the equator and have been exposed to the worst damage the sun can do. I still surf almost daily and am a 30 year member of the world famous WindanSea Surf Club, but the difference I have seen in my skin since I have been using Silver Fox Cream is remarkable. The skin color has improved, lines, blemishes and spots from the sun damage have all disappeared.
Scot CLa Jolla

"Wow guys...you really produced some great cream. My skin sucks it up and in no time the dull look is gone. The ingredients are exceptional and I know that I am doing something positive for my skin and my girlfriend loves it and has been using mine instead of her own. Thanks."  Ken Los Angeles

"NASCAR loves Mug. I got a bottle of the Mug for men hand scrub a couple months ago and it was the best hand scrub I've used. After using it a few times i could tell the difference it was leaving on my hands, soft feel and looking cleaner than using regular soap. Mug easily took off grease from my hands after working on cars and the scent of it is nice also. I will continue to buy more and look forward to what they bring out soon". Hudson H Newport News VA

"Miracle in a bottle. I used to think all exfoiiators were all the same, but after you use this one it will definitely change your mind. purchase with confidence."  Anthony K San Diego 

"I have been using Mug’s Silver Fox now for several months with great results. I was pleasantly surprised to see they just started selling a women’s product and immediately wanted to give it a try... It seems thicker and has a light feminine scent that disappears after a short time so it doesn’t interfere with my perfume. I am looking forward to seeing how the additional peptides act on my skin. But so far, I love the new product!"  karen G San Diego

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Ruthi Swartzberg co-author of "Nothing Illegal Here" (Les Nouvelles Esthetiques 2011) and co-founder of Mug For Men Skin Care line, has incorporated nutritionally beneficial hemp into a soothing and refreshing facial for men. Peptide rich Silver Fox Face Rescue Cream was a finalist for best men's skin care product in 2011.(Les Nouvelles Esthetiques 2011)

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